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Our trade waste wheelie bins are ideal for routine collections of waste and recycling and are suited to a variety of business needs.

We are able to provide robust and lockable metal wheelie bins for the following materials:

  • General Waste (Dry)
  • Dry Mixed Recycling
  • Mixed Plastics including bottles
  • Mixed Glass
  • Mixed Paper & Cardboard
  • Food Waste
Trade Waste Wheeled Bins, Wheelie Bins
We are pleased to offer our trade waste service to a variety of business and public sector organisations such as:
  • Shops, Restaurants & Public Houses
  • Shopping Centres
  • Commercial & Public Offices
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Schools & Community Centres
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
Unlike many providers we offer flexible contracts and pricing to suit your needs and do not tie you in to long contract periods with difficult and expensive get out clauses. Our duty of care notices are charged monthly rather than annually and to reflect our confidence in our service,  we allow a no quibble 30 day cancellation on any contract no matter the term.
For a competitive quote or to discuss your requirement please give us a call on 01252 342365, email trade@taurus-waste or fill in our Request A Quote‘ form below and we will be in touch. 
dry mixed recycling
recycle mixed plastics
recycled mixed paper card
recycled mixed glass, trade waste
recycle mixed tins cans
food waste
trade waste, general waste

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Are there any items that I cannot throw in the wheelie bin?

Depending on what you type of waste you have rented the wheelie bin for will determine what you are allowed throw into it. Each bin will be labelled with a sticker informing you what you are allowed to place in it. Whilst we allow for a small amount of contamination it is your responsibility to ensure that each bin is used appropriately. We currently accept the following waste types:

  • General Waste (Dry)
  • Dry Mixed Recycling
  • Mixed Plastics including bottles
  • Mixed Glass
  • Mixed Paper & Cardboard
  • Food Waste

How long can I rent the wheelie bin for?

As our contracts are flexible and tailored to your needs we decide the terms in conjunction with you. Whether you only want to rent the wheelie bin for a couple of months or include it in an annual review cycle we will be pleased to accommodate your requirements. 

If I don’t need the bin anymore, how do I cancel the contract?

You can call us on 01252 342365 or email us at Don’t forget all of our rental contracts only have a 30 day cancellation period.

Are there any loading restrictions for my bin?

We ask that you don’t overload the bin or allow waste to be spilling out of the top as this may cause a problem when it comes to emptying into our vehicle. If you require the bin to be emptied outside of your normal routine please contact us and we will be happy to schedule an extra visit.

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